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I hope you like things because I like things.

Weekend in Ohio has resulted in the following purchases: 1930s GE H-708 turntable/radio cabinet in non-working condition for $30 from the AAA Antiques Market off of I-76. I don’t think the turntable works, but I know for certain that the power cord is dry-rotted and the wiring looks ghastly. There’s also no way I’ll be able to find replacement tubes for a 1930s record player, so I’m going to remove everything and start from scratch.

I’m planning on stripping/staining/sealing the exterior to give it a little more life, and gutting the electronics and installing two 8” speakers (currently one 12” in there) in stereo, a new(ish) turntable, a used Airport Express to control the box wirelessly, and a A/B switch hooked up to the current knobs (if possible; I’d like to leave the control panel as-is since it’s really cool looking). 

I’m really excited about taking this thing and learning wiring and audio control stuff in it — I don’t know much, but for $30 it was most certainly worth the money. My current estimate for everything (not including labor) will be about $250 total put into it.

So naturally I picked up a bunch of records even though this thing doesn’t work. For Chris and Luke, Steely Dan’s Aja, Hall and Oates’ Rock and Soul Vol. 1, and Michael McDonald’s S/T (all $2). For myself, I got Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks, Simon and Garfunkel’s Concert in Central Park, Supertramp’s Famous Last Words, The Who By Numbers, Willie Nelson’s Always On My Mind, Springsteen’s The River, America’s S/T, and Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years. $27 combined for all of the records.

Not a bad haul.

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