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I hope you like things because I like things.

For 50 years, the taco has been a staple of American life. It’s in school lunches and Michelin-star restaurants. It even helped launch the food truck craze. So how did the taco come to loom so large in American bellies?

The California Taco Trail: ‘How Mexican Food Conquered America’ : The Salt : NPR

Yes, I’m buying the book. 

Yes, this afternoon’s piece on All Things Considered made me stop for a taco on the way home.

Yes, I consider Taco Bell to be “real” tacos. 

Yes, you can judge me on that.

Yes, I may punch you in the junk for judging my taco cravings.

Yes, this post has gone on far too long, now.

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Heard this piece in the car today, turned to my wife and said ‘I love tacos’. This was good radio.

(via tbridge)

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